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The MISTEM Network is a public-private partnership convening education, students and families, community, business and industry, nonprofits, and state government. It is focused on increasing student interest and achievement in STEM subjects, building a stronger talent pipeline, and strengthening the Michigan economy, Michigan businesses are invited to invest in a variety of ways in the form of time, talents, and/or donations. By working together, we can elevate STEM education and economic prosperity in Michigan to ensure that Michigan stays competitive in the 21st Century


Region 11 ISD'S

MiSTEM Network Region 11 supports 3 ISDs in the Upper Thumb

ISD 1  Huron ISD

ISD 2  Sanilac ISD

ISD 3 Tuscola ISD

State of Michigan Mistem Network

Michigan, together with education, community, and business partners, is on a journey to create a MISTEM Network throughout the state. The the MISTEM Network is to build on existing STEM networks to create a work of STEM ecosystem that supports and implements the components outlined in the four pillars.


Kristen Zagorski

Regional Director,

Upper Thumb 

MiSTEM Network

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Megan Schrauben

Executive Director, State of Michigan MiSTEM Network

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